Wednesday, 8 October 2014

What's a Georgian Urn?

I musts confess that I find Georgian Urns a bit fussy. They also always look too small. How can anything live in such a small space? And also, surely, every time it rains, they must flood? Still, I see them doing extraordinary things in fancy gardens, so possibly you just learn the skills to keep them working. That or just refresh the plants, weekly, which is possibly what's going on with this very stylish example I found in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Loving the paint job, but I'm guessing that's cast metal, so include also temperature swings in the list of problems challenges to be met.

I may have to start taking a similarly disposable attitude to me poor old Pot O' Doom. I pulled out the freebie Rose of Sharon which had been testing the limits of its plant killing capabilities (it only had a few leaves left anyway, so, very capable) and tossed in a few cyclamen, as winter bedding. But if it's going to be showing off temporary plants, then all manner of things are possible (though admittedly not that many at this time of year -- pansies? Maybe that Wallflower everyone raves about?). But come next year, the sky's the limit. Cannas for example -- like this one I spotted over a wall while stopped at the traffic lights (in the passenger seat) on the way out of Portsmouth. Canna Pretoria, AKA Bengal Tiger I think. Va va voom.

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