Wednesday, 29 October 2014

the doomed seedlings of october

The autumn is so warm this year, that the seeds are spouting everywhere. I found two tiny seedlings struggling out of raw tarmac this week, doubtless with grand plans of growing vast and cracking the tow-path wide open. Respect to their ambition, but if they can't get beyond their seed leaves before the first frost, that's not going to happen. In fact, between dry cold, wet cold, hard rain, frost and low light levels, it's probably not going  to happen at all. Poor little things.

Although ... I'm guessing they're Red Valerian, like the seedlings in this nearby grime-encrusted drain cover, and they grow like a scorch and can find space in any crack. So maybe I'll find them next spring, cracking the path from side to side.

There's still time for planting this year - broadbeans, garlic and onions outside, annuals into the beds and perennials in the greenhouse, sweet peas in the growhouse. Not all seedlings will be doomed, particularly those I have in the greenhouse or under fleece or cloche.

Cloche, cloche. I mean those plastic trays fruit come in from the supermarket.

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