Saturday, 4 October 2014

Other people's gardens: that's a nice hedge

I had to stand in the middle of a (side) road to take this, so the photograph is not excellent. However the communal gardens outside these flats is a very nice bit of shrubbery!

Each shrub, though it has gown into its neighbour, is treated as an individual, and given a smooth cut in an unmatched curvy shape. It looks like an abstract landscape; a series of soft green curves set low enough not to obscure light from the lower floor, but wide enough to make a proper barrier. The dense-growing hedging plants along the front have taken it the best but the more open shrubs behind are starting to join in the party. The whole thing feels a bit fortressy, but in a smooth way; not attacking the street, more encouraging it to slide off the property. Those dense thick bushes are good for tiny birds, too; in fact, yes. That's what it looks like, a Zaha Hadid fortress for sparrows.

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