Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Autumn comes to the garden

It's getting dark out there, but the flowers are still in full swing. Not a breath of frost, soil still warm, and the wind is not even that cold. There's even another tomato coming where I didn't quite clear away a plant. The grapes are still trying to ripen. It's been a rich year, but slow. I'm not sure I'll get the grapes to wine, for all that the vine has been prolific.

That Euonymous Fortune Gold isn't the one in my garden -- it's a front garden down the street. Lots of them have berried spectacularly this year, possibly even mine -- I've not checked. Fuschia "Space Shuttle" is mine, all mine though; I'd given up on it flowering this year but it's up and running now! I picked up the White Scaevola as plugs for a few quid in the Raven's sale, and every flower has been perfect. I even gave a few away. Cyclamen; irresistible at this time of year, with their petals wrapped like umbrellas.

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