Wednesday, 22 October 2014

All hail the semi-hardy self seeders

Just a few weeks after I found petunias self seeded in building perimeters within urban gust distance of balconies and municipal planting, a rather more rurally located friend found, inamongst the other joys of the British hedgerow, a self-seeded Lobelia.

What's going on? Apart from anything else, all the hanging baskets in the city centre this year were revolutionary red and feisty orange (with the brightest examples reserved for the troughs outside County Hall), yet here they are, reverted to white, pink and purple allsorts:

Part of the mystery is the very warm autumn we are enjoying. This means I'm still clinging to hope for my grapes, but also that lots of plants are trying to squeeze in an extra generation before the frosts. The second is that Lobelia comes true from seed, and Petunias don't. Learning for me? Buy some bedding and see if it'll do its stuff in the cracks on the patio. I'm not the world's biggest Petunia fan, but for these hardy inhabitants of marginally hospitable cracks, I make an exception.

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