Friday, 19 September 2014

In praise of strangely coloured vegetables

The tomato glut is not insane this year. I planted the seeds too late, too close together and didn't feed and water enough. But it's here! Purple Cherokees, Black Krims, Chocolate Cherries and apricot-coloured garden peaches are all ripening successfully. Green Zebras and Silver Fir Apples are doing less well. It seems I have a fondness for strangely coloured vegetables (there are white strawberries and golden raspberries in the garden) and am one of those outlier consumers who pick them up when they appear in the supermarket for two weeks before disappearing, never to be seen again.

Look at that aubergine! We went to an unfamiliar supermarket in another town (Morrisons in Gosport) and found it sat there next to the regular aubergines. The opalescent beauty of that white doesn't quite come across in the shot. It glimmers. The flavour is good. But am I looking at a Snowy, a Clara, an Ivory or  a Raja? Time to experiment! The White Eggs may be an easier grow than the full-length fruits (my garden is shaded and the growing season accordingly is short). Hmm... customers who bought this also bought: Strawberry Spinach, Goji Berry, Golden Beet, Wonderberry and Brazilian Oval Orange.

Brazilian Oval what? Is that an Aubergine? Yes, yes, it is. And Nicky's also have the orange aubergine.

Oh dear, now I have a dilemma.

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