Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hampton Court Preview

Delight of all delights! Hampton Court's conceptual gardens are themed around the seven deadly sins. I'm trying not to spoiler myself (I'm going tomorrow) but I wonder if this might lead to gardens that are a bit lurid and blousy, in which case, I'm ready for that!

Before any trip, it's useful to set some quests. So here's what I'm wanting from Hampton Court; five things and five ideas

  1. Fancy tomatos. I bought last year's five varieties from Hampton Court and they've been a delight in the germination and growing, though it's a little too early to tell about the tasting.
  2. Chilli Pepper Vampire. I'm growing Nosferatu this year, and it's not done as well as other peppers. I think I'll have two viable plants, which isn't great, even though you only get a few seeds per packet from a variety as fresh as these. I want to see if Vampire does better.
  3. A tiny Alpine to replace the one that got brutally murdered by slugs. Then I'll dig up the murdered plant, put it out of slug reach and see if it resprouts. Alpines are tiny thugs, so there's a chance it will.
  4. Some sort of weird edible I have not grown before. I have too many of these already, but they're always fun.
  5. A flower. The most beautiful flower in the show ideally, which last year was this one:

  1. Ideas for varying the plant height in the big bed. I want proper perennial height, but decent low ground cover planting around the weeding tracks.
  2. Water planters (small). Tips, tricks and how to stop them splitting in winter.
  3. Clever greenhouse tricks. I need to be able to fit more into my small space, effectively.
  4. Gravity-fed watering systems. I've got one, and it's clearly the way forward. Can I get some more?
  5. Wildlifery. I want to make things better for my hoverflies and bumble bees. Tempt them in to pollinate my tomatoes
That'll do me, that and don't get sunburned.

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