Saturday, 10 May 2014

Malvern Spring Show - Prospective

I'm off to this one tomorrow and my excitement is somewhat tempered by the hard grey weather. The sight of the Gardeners World presenters swallowing sangria and forced politenesses in the freezing horizontal rain this evening in a huge elaborate show garden that faithfully reproduces a slightly scruffy Ibiza beach cafe, complete with sanddunes and "huge, architectural palms" was not enticing.

On the other hand it looks like it has a lot less of the County Show interpolations than the Autumn show, so hopefully it has a lot more for the hard core flower geek, better equipment and materials (I need plant supports, because everything is headbanging the ground in the spring gales, some decent showgardens (although if the ones on Gardeners World were the best of the bunch, hmm) and hordes of people selling pretty spring and summer flowers, and I shall be content, albeit rather cold.

The big fluffy faux gorillaskin coat, I think.

Edited to add: in the end I wore my summer grey jacket and a big scarf and was very glad I had decided to cast not a clout till may be out. Chilly!

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