Thursday, 22 May 2014

in praise of exploding tulips

Last year I went to Capel Manor Gardens in the autumn with a friend who had recently acquired a London back-garden and needed things for it. Tucked inbetween the tiny demonstration gardens and the test beds we found a shed with three big trugs of bulbs marked "Fill a flower pot for £1" and we both did. I was hoping for some classic standards - red-and-yellow streaked tulips, big yellow daffodils, as I'm inclined to buy from the fancy end of the spectrum.

And I did indeed find standard red-and-yellows breaking up my fancy lilies and ruffles and streaks. But I had also, in my grab-flowerpot, picked up some truly, unconscionably fancy flowers; see below for an exquisite tiny pink fringed tulip, set among all of my orange and red stars and explosions.

Curly red Peachy ruffles Crimson explosion
Flaming triangle fringed pink petals Star and smoke
Hot pink sprite Green red star Fiery goblet

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