Sunday, 25 May 2014

Gardening requires protection part 1

I'm about to spend all day out in the garden. There's going to be rain, wind, sun, and probably that annoying column of midges that sits over the slightly bulgy bit in the middle of the patio will have a go too. I have a feisty Euphorbia that needs a Chelsea Chop (or possibly just moving somewhere else altogether, although its a Martini and they are quite fun). And I 'll need to get into at least two of the big pots, and that's always a sweaty (and fingernail destroying) job. I'm fair enough to burn in a trice and old enough to get trill markings on my forehead. My mother used to have a useful thing called barrier cream, which kept her skin from falling off after a day working on the farm. But it seems that priorities have shifted in our post-millennial world.

After a little fruitless searching, I gave up on looking for a working woman's skin cream and instead used the inclusion of a high-factor sunscreen as my starting point and found three likely products. But the idea of a skin cream to protect the skin of a woman spending the day working outside seemed out of the vocabulary of any chemists. Everything was framed around aging, and preventing aging. Aging, I am fairly sure I can do nothing about. Red skin, wind burn, flaking skin patches, sun-burn, sun patch and cracking should be solveable. Trouble was, nobody mentioned this on the packaging. In the end, I picked out three products that were under £10, mentioned "day long protection" and contained a high factor sunscreen.

Although I did have to choke back a bit of nausea as I bought this one:

Still, if it does any better than the combination of E45 and junior sunscreen (which works OK but midges and mud get stuck in it) it can be called anything it wants.

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