Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Tiny Gardens are Everywhere

tiny garden
At this time of year there are tiny gardens scrambling out of every crack and crevice. They may be mostly weeds. They are probably destined to be washed out in a wet splash or burned dry in a hot weekend, and those who make it through are probably destined for the hoes and sprays of the sweepers of streets.

But in their brief hectic moment they remind us not to: weed paths, keep driveways clear, take moss off walls, strip the Nigella and strawberries from the mortar cracks which they always colonize; pull out the hazel seedlings that spring up everywhere thanks to our friendly neighbourhood squirrels.

Later, when they're concrete-shattering bullies sprouting buddliea and willowherb tendencies, then we can deal. For now, let them riot.

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