Friday, 25 April 2014

Seeding the waterlily planters

I ordered water lilies off the internet for the planters, picking the tiniest dwarf flowers I could. I ordered from Water Lilies direct  as they had the best choice of pygmae (mini ones) I could find. Tim Science (who plays a mainly advisory role in the garden) fancied a red one, but as usual the broad choice diverted us, a I ordered an apricot coloured Nymphaea Aurora, and Nymphaea Laydekeri Lilacea, a pink and white super-miniature. Here they are settling in - and what's that growing with it?

water lily doing well

Duckweed. It came in with the seed water from the ponds (a bucket of water taken from an existing pond, which is a crucial part in making sure you get water snails and other beneficial beasties). Rough with the smooth, and like all my other perennial weeds, it'll compost just fine.

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